Since December of 1870, the Hatteras Lighthouse has withstood the test of time, serving for decades as the primary navigation aid for mariners rounding the perilous Diamond Shoals off the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Over 140 years later, the lighthouse still stands today as a beacon of unwavering dependability.

Everything the Hatteras Lighthouse stands for embodies our company philosophy and our products. It symbolizes the strength and longevity that we strive to achieve. For over a decade, we have persevered to become a primary provider of physiological research equipment, guiding labs around the world to more valid results.

In addition, the Hatteras Lighthouse represents performance and reliability. Our company exemplifies these values in our products and services by manufacturing durable instruments for consistent use and accuracy.

Above all else, the Hatteras Lighthouse stands for integrity. Hatteras Instruments is proud of our dependable customer service, trustworthy image, and quality products.

By producing research instruments that make your job easier while maintaining the high standards that our namesake evokes, hopefully, you will continue to look upon Hatteras Instruments in the same way that we view the Hatteras Lighthouse.