The SC1000 is a non-invasive, tail-cuff system that quickly and efficiently produces reliable mouse and rat blood pressure measurements on one or two animals.

Single channel for mouse blood pressure


  • Single or dual channel, non-invasive, tail-cuff blood pressure analysis system
  • Fast, easy, accurate results for one or two animals
  • Measures systolic, diastolic, mean arterial pressure, and pulse rate
  • Results correlate with telemetry
  • Software operated
  • Easy to assemble, use, and clean
  • One system can accommodate mice and rats
  • For use with mice over 60 grams and rats from neonatal to over 1000 grams
  • Sensory assembly includes “V-notch” stabilizer and single tail-cuff
  • All metal construction with baked epoxy finish
  • Intra-arterial option available
Dual channel for mouse and rat blood pressure measurements

The SC1000 combines state of the art technology with custom software algorithms to provide fast and accurate results that correlate precisely with intra-arterial measurements. To make this possible, each component contributes key features to the measurement process.

SC1000 Components

  • Master Control Unit
  • Specimen Platform
  • Mouse and Rat Holders
  • Software
SC1000 Master Control Unit
Master Control Unit

The master control unit supplies power and air to the specimen platform.

The user may also choose to operate the SC1000 through the key pad located on the front of the unit.

The master control unit relays signal data to the computer displaying the waveforms in the software. The waveform data allows the user to watch the measurements in realtime.

To learn more about the advantages of the SC1000 Comm Software, click here.

Specimen Platform

The specimen platform houses the sensory and tail-cuff assemblies for acquiring mouse and rat blood pressure measurements. The holder sits on top of the platform securing the animal for measurements.

Mouse Specimen Platform

Specimen platform for mouse blood pressure measurements

Rat Specimen Platform

Specimen platform for rat blood pressure measurements

Once the animal is safely in the holder, the tail threads through the tail-cuff and situates in the “v-notch” sensory assembly.

There is only one cuff per animal and the “v-notch” stabilizes the tail to maximize the pulse signal while minimizing movement.

The top half of the sensory assembly snaps over the tail, magnetically locking into place. The animal is now ready for measurements.

LED sensor and tail-cuff for rodent blood pressure measurements

Mouse Holders

Loading a mouse or rat onto the specimen platform is quick and easy. The mouse holders include magnetic bases to quickly restrain and position the mouse. This design proves particularly useful for working with untrained mice.

Mouse holders come in four sizes accommodating mice over 60 grams. It is also successful with neonatal rats.

Size one mouse holder
Four sizes of mouse holders
Rat Holders

The rat holders utilize front and rear doors that slide and lock into slots located on the specimen tray. The rear door secures the tail, while the front door slides toward the rat adjusting the holder to the animal's length.

Holders are available in six difference sizes accommodating rats over 1000 grams.

Assembled rat holder
Components of a rat holder

Every animal holder includes a specimen tray. The tray acts as a barrier between the animal and the platform, protecting the platform’s internal components.

It also helps in safely transporting the animal to and from the platform and makes clean up as simple as possible.

Mouse specimen tray: protects the animal, platform, and sensors for blood pressure measurements

The SC1000 Comm Software provides total control over the system. It increases the flexibility and versatility over the standard keypad operation via the master control unit. The software allows the user to manipulate parameters, more closely analyze measurements, carefully review results, and save and export data for future analysis.

For more information, please visit the SC1000 Software page.

If you have additional questions or would like a quote for the SC1000 Single/Dual Channel System, please click here to submit an inquiry.

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