The CCS1000 Benchtop Chiller utilizes the same technology as the CCS2000 Chiller System to chill mouse urine samples, but in the conveinence of a six-cage, benchtop unit.

CCS1000 Benchtop Chiller

Benchtop Chiller Features

  • Refrigerates mouse urine samples during and after collection
  • Maintains sample temperature at 45°F (7°C) or less in 70°F (21°C) ambient room temperature
  • Holds 6 Metabolic Cages
  • Conveinently sits on any work bench, table top, or lab cart
  • Cages designed to hold one mouse per collection period
  • Operates through a water based cooling system
  • Plumbing and electronics are all concealed and contained to prevent damage
  • Support structure is constructed from aluminum with a baked epoxy finish
  • Minimal set up, maintenance, and cleaning requirements
CCS1000 Benchtop Chiller

For more information on the cooling process, benefits of chilling samples, and design of the Metabolic Cages used in the CCS1000 Benchtop Chiller, please visit the CCS2000 Chiller System page.

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